Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Preston at Leslie’s Pool Supply. He is friendly, helpful, and informative. Ask for him!

Onions to the onions regarding the onions about pot legislation. Any “feel good” booze, drug, or pot may impair – stay home, off the roads, and enjoy yourself! Then and only then do you (as you say) “mind your business!”

Orchids to onion about bright porch lights at night. People across the street have huge light globes that look like a semi’s headlights are pointed at me. No star watching on Sea Angler.

Onions to the very unprofessional and unorganized event! Started with very little advertisement. We went out to the mall on Sunday and had a hard time to find it in the store (no signs) and then only three vendors were there.

Orchids to putting up the fence along London Bridge Road to keep out campers. Hopefully no camping signs will go up! Don’t camp in and trash the desert. Go to legit campgrounds or leave!

Onions to cashier for charging me extra for all white meat. When did that happen? And to tell me a thigh is white meat. That ain’t no white meat! There ain’t much meat to begin with. Get your act together honey or I won’t be back!

Orchids to the three ladies at A + Mail and Business Center Inc. They are always friendly. Always helpful and always professional. They greet you with smiles entering and exiting. A perfect example of customer service!

Onions to the two for one handicapped parking at Walmart. It is a space designed for one so that someone with a wheelchair ramp can get in and out of their vehicle. You’re lucky they just left carts in front and in back of your car, versus zip tying them to your car door.

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