Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Advanced Transmissions. After two separate and difficult transmission rebuilds with quirks beyond control, owner Scott and manager Jesus always made time to answer my concerns. I returned recently to have starter replaced by Chris, who found it was faulty. I know it will be done well. BF

Onions to servers who believe a tip is a mandatory thing. FYI “tip” is an acronym which stands for “To Insure Promptness”. It is up to the server to earn their tip. If you don’t provide good service you will get little or no tip. If you provide excellent service the diner should tip accordingly.

Orchids to JC Penneys manager and employees for all your help. And going the extra mile for me. Sharon Grant-Greenwood

Onions to spending $600,000 on pickleball courts. What is pickleball?

Orchids to Chef Sally at London Bridge Resort! Your staff, food and directions regarding plated or buffet was right on! Everyone loved the food! Your new menu was right on target! It was hot, stylish and yummy! There wasn’t any glitches! Thank you again! Ken and Stephanie Kent (Rangel wedding!)

Onions to the silly little onions about the “silly little man flying his silly little flag below the U.S. flag.” Boy that was mean. And none of your business. At least he flies a flag. Do you?

Orchids to Mohave County Supervisors for declaring the county a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’. Your vote, symbolic though it may be, is much appreciated by those of us who value the freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Constitution! Gun grabbers will, hopefully, now move back to California!

Onions to the guy who dented the side of my SUV the other morning in the parking lot. You took the cowards way and left very hastily without a word. It’s call a hit and run, and it is a crime. You will get yours.

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