Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Montana Steak House. We are bummed we waited a year to try you out. Fantastic service, food, and value. We’re going back on Tuesday for the tasting menu.

Onions to onion giver directing an onion I assume at me. Yes, I failed to use my turn signal. It wasn’t intentional. The left side hasn’t worked for some time. Light just stays on. I’ve been meaning to fix it, but my job’s a hassle and the kids have the flu. I did use a hand signal. Are you blind?

Orchids to the onion submitted by the person with the nude next door bathers. Please provide the address next time.

Onions to establishments that still allow smoking. Avoidance is being viewed as a human right. That is why many states have enacted laws prohibiting smoke. Smoke yourself to death. When you’re gone I’ll still be here enjoying the sunshine.

Orchids to Bob’s Cabinets for making our RV table tops. Great job, plus the only shop in town that would do them. They look good. Matches the counter top perfectly. The Powells

Onions to the grandmother who verbally attacked her granddaughter and then took a sledgehammer to her door. I can’t believe no one called the police. Next time if I find out, the police will be called.

Orchids to Bashas. Great products, great prices, awesome meat, and great checkers. Other stores should take a lesson from you and your business model, they would actually learn something about the grocery business. Bashas, you rock.

Onions to the person who wants people to drop dead. Be careful what you wish for. God works in mysterious ways.

Orchids to Officer Angus McCabe for removing a rattle snake from our back yard the other day. You were polite, professional, and definitely a hero for being so kind; thank you so much. Roger and Sheryl

Onions to using the offensive term, “Corn hole toss” in our monthly newsletter. I thought we agreed on bean bag. You made sure to have things printed your way. A couple of us find the game name repulsive. Did you wonder why we didn’t participate? I want an investigation!

Orchids to ASU Havasu. Coming across on Acoma you see the US flag, the AZ state flag, and the ASU flag. Love this. Thank you, ASU.

Orchids to Truly Nolen’s Erin Peterson. Thanks for coming out, thanks for finding the bad stuff. Great job, guy of the week! Mike and Maggie

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