Orchids and Onions

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Ray at Rays Flat Top Joint. After surgery I badly needed a trim. He was ready to close his shop but stayed open just for me. What a guy. And on top of that he didn't charge me! Much appreciated Ray...thanks. Heidi

Onions to adults (seniors included) who do not know how to ride bicycles or walk safely about town. I followed three male seniors riding fully across the street, paying no attention to traffic, and walkers with music in their ears and cars behind them obvious to danger. Did your parents not teach you?

Orchids to River Valley Windows; thank you. Our new windows are wonderful. No more sunscreens needed. Installation crew were great. Wonderful team work, very organized. Thank you to Tom and his crew. Linda and Igor Gromov

Onions to the postal service for not encouraging your postal delivery drivers to start at the crack of dawn. Everyday our postal lady is ringing wet, no A/C. I bet the postmaster is sitting in an A/C office. Look after your people.

Orchids to the volunteers and vendors at our second Havasu Farmers Market. Loved the friendly people and variety of products. Great way to get to know what our city offers.

Orchids to Maria at Sonora Quest lab! Every time I have been there, I’m always hopeful to get you, always a smile on your face and I never feel the poke! You are an asset to the office. Thanks for being you!

Onions to the four women who brought the two out of control kids into the restaurant. Both kids screamed and ran around with no control from any of the women. We went out to eat with another couple only to have our quiet eating experience ruined by this disrespectful group. No help from the restaurant management.

Orchids to all the wonderful full-time staff at Mr. Lucky’s Billiards. Exceptional service from the part time staff as well (Leah) as the volunteer tournament director Eric. His (big weekly 6 p.m.) Saturday night tournaments are unrivaled in this town. El Rio

Onions to guest speaker at the spiritual awareness seminar telling seniors about the 'gracefulness' of growing old. Did you look at the audience you were preaching to? Most of us hobbled or warbled into the building.

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