Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Dr. Ruiz, Tina and staff. You surely continue to go beyond your bedside manner for someone who is still anxious about going to the dentist. Highly recommend.

Onions to the person that's sad the yellow golf cart had a phony plate golf carts are required to be registered with a plate to be on city streets in the state of Arizona.

Orchids to Randy and crewman for loading our garage full of tools and hauling them to hospice. Good, prompt, fast.

Onions to the independent cabinet company. He will take your money and not do job. He’s been sued several times and turned into the contractor’s boards several times for not being a licensed contractor. Moved here from Iowa. Do your research. He’s a con artist!

Orchids to the onion about the person bragging about their kids. None of us care also none of us care and are tired of hearing how great snowbird states are, all the while you’re in our city.

Onions to the most expensive car wash packages in town that doesn’t even vacuum underneath the seats or wipe down the rims and tires won’t be back!

Orchids to Officer M. Jenkins! So kind and patient with me after my accident. I appreciate you and thank you very much. Could have been much worse but Jesus took the wheel. Taught me a good lesson today. “much needed” Thanks again for all you do.

Onions to Lake Havasu gas stations for keeping the prices high. Gas in Parker is only $2.76 a gallon, (over 30 cents a gallon lower), what a rip off your doing to Havasu citizens.

Orchids to the city engineers. Now, about how rough north McCulloch is becoming. All the speeding 50 mph pick-ups want us to drive in the right lane that jars our gizzards! Major overhaul needed! Level those manholes, for instance!

Onions to the restaurant. Called to schedule another catering with my usual person who is the best they've had in 10 years. Well, since that can't happen and I find that's unacceptable, I won't be using them any longer. Scheduled my catering elsewhere.

Orchids to the Havasu Freedom Foundation for the wonderful event honoring the Navajo Code Talkers. It was very touching.

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