Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to my good friends, Pat and Jim Bell, Mary Welch and Linda Nosal for their assistance and care before and after my surgery. I am so blessed to have you. Carla

Onions to the city and their road department for the debacle that Swanson has become. No turn lanes on a major downtown access route is illogical. I guess it was changed so the four story retirement pile could have a covered front porch. What an absolute waste of money. Why not fix the IT department?

Orchids to the father of a boy and girl who were going into the vets office. He stopped to tell them to look and see if the candle was lit. He told them it means that someone is saying goodbye to their pet and we need to be respectful. There are still parents who teach their kids manners!

Orchids to Buster Johnson for getting me information on the status of our antenna TV. You are always available to help. Huge orchid and thanks again.

Onions to the creepy lady and husband carrying their own leash, who tried to steal me while I waited two minutes outside the store as trained to do for seven years! Woof! Woof! Leave me alone! Go adopt a dog, don't steal me!

Orchids to HRMC Records. I walk in the office and was greeted by Maria. She acknowledge me and was very understanding about my situation. She was professional and kind when she answered all my questions even do I was not in a great mood. Thank you. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Onions to the snowbirds who think Havasu should be lucky they are here. Most residents don't care if you are here or not. Your money makes no difference. Here's a suggestion, camp in Quartzsite next year.

Orchids to doctors and staff at Paws and Claws for taking our puppy Trouble in last minute. Don’t know what would have happened to the little guy without your help. Thank you. The Moons

Onions to the cable company for terrible service and customer service. Join me in filing an official complaint with the FCC and make sure they hear us. Make a difference.

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