Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the first person I see without a cell phone stuck in their ear.

Onions to the person who did not like the Trump shirt in the restaurant. Since when can't you wear what you want? And far as him being in the news all the time, if the Democrats would leave him alone he wouldn't be in the news all the time.

Orchids to knowing when someone is nasty or treats you poorly. Never take it personally.

Onions to the boaters who do not respect no wake zones and especially those that destroy the dredged out area on the California side of the delta leading from the Lake to the River.

Orchids to the onions of those who need to see their name in the paper. I take pride in helping those who are in need, those who are walking in the heat, those without a dime in their pocket. Would you do the same? I think not. This is not about me. It’s for those I’ve helped while you do nada. Ranger Terry

Onions to nail techs, hairdressers, servers, pool guys who never acknowledge or thank you for your generous tipping for their services! I always generously tip and would appreciate a simple "Thank you!"

Onions to people who respond to "thank you” with uh-huh, no problem, or yup. The correct response is "You're welcome."

Orchids to the onion about bragging of your good deeds. Did your mommy never pat you on your head? The Lone Ranger

Onions to our a doctor's assistant. Treat patients fairly and call them in a timely manner when they need the information from your boss!

Orchids to Scott G. with AARO! Scott came out to our house when both our ACs went out; he arrived within 30 mins, fixed the problems fast and efficiently and worked with us since our home warranty wouldn't send anyone to help. Amazing company, fabulous service!

Onions to the onion from Fontana. Please go back to California, we will pay for you to get out of Lake Havasu City. They wrap the silverware, so you know it is not handled.

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