Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the other public library employee who went into the parking lot and just opened the car door of a trapped woman at 114 degrees!

Onions to the high school for not better regulating the stop sign in front of F Hall. The kids are walking out in front of cars and not paying attention. It's an accident waiting to happen.

Orchids to the city for finally putting a three-way stop on Acoma and Saratoga. For 12 years I have been risking life and limb to turn left onto Acoma. Thank you, Linda Ray

Onions to those self-appointed "fashion police: who can't bear to "live and let live." Get a clue--nobody cares what you think! It's a free country, so like it or leave it!

Orchids to Dr. Buckman and staff! We would like to thank everyone for all of your amazing care of Buttercup, this past week!

Onions to the middle aged bicycle riders riding through stop signs. People always complain about teens and young adults. How about grown adults who know better and choose not to do the right thing?

Orchids to Lina at T-Mobile for their patience and great attitude while helping us get our new phones up and running. You saved the day! The Oddjob couple

Onions to seven of my neighbors. I recently did an impromptu self-inspection of recycle receptacles in our neighborhood. I was appalled at what I found. One family placed plastic grocery bags in theirs. I discovered Styrofoam egg crates in another. I wrote down the addresses. Perhaps fines are in order!

Orchids to the sanitation engineers/drivers who were so kind to pick up our extra bags of trash last Friday on wayside drive. We are preparing for an estate sale and your help is very much appreciated! Thank you for going above and beyond your duties!

Onions to the rental company who handles the house on Horse Shoe Canyon. Clean up the landscaping. The house used to be beautiful. Oh, while you are at it, screen your renters a little closer. It has become a party house with very loud music.

Orchids to the Seahawks fan in the white Chevy Tahoe. Thanks for stopping to help put out the fire. Neighbors helping neighbors.

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Orchids (not) to the guy inspecting his neighbor's recycle bins. Maybe the city should give him a citation book and a taser so he can cite violators and zap anyone who tries to interfere with his busybody ways.


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