Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Amber at the Lake Havasu MVD Thank you for your professional and knowledgeable help with my title. JN

Onions to the snowbird that complained about tipping, and thinks us locals should be thanking him for spending his limited income in our town during the winter months. Honestly sir, we would all thank you if you spent your money anywhere but here! Split your meals with your wife in Florida. Go home!

Orchids to Alex, our counter server at Arby's today. Such a wonderful, friendly, smiling, young man with a fabulous personality! So refreshing to run across someone like him of any age. Have you seen how beautiful the "new" Arby's is? Our meal was delicious, and hot too.

Onions to the long-time snowbird. Take your money and your wife and go back to where you came from. I'm sure no one here will miss you and your cheap ways. I don't think you make any difference in our economy. Try the "hand in a bucket of water" routine.

Orchids to the pharmacist at Smiths. She took a genuine concern for my Lisinopril cough. She showed me some products that might help. Others didn't take the time or seem to care.

Onions to our local doctors who now are going to charge you for your medical records. This is so very unprofessional. I need my records for personal reasons and should not have to explain why I need them. I am very unhappy with local doctors.

Orchids to Dr. Moran for the shots. Thank you, your troublesome patient.

Onions to the people that want to turn their yards, state highways and the Bridgewater canal into their personal memorial cemetery by planting crosses, flowers and solar lights. Please, this should remain personal to you and not a public display.

Orchids to the very kind staff at ChaBones for quickly and kindly cleaning a spill my elderly father accidentally did. Our waitress Arla was so caring and polite about it, immediately replacing the tablecloth, napkins, and drinks. Thank you.

Orchids to the numerous folks inviting me to Thanksgiving dinner: Carol and Beth for their treats, and to all that left cards and goodies on my porch. I am truly blessed to have such friends. I have to date 133 orchids and onions with only 5 being onions. I take pride in that. Ranger Terry

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