Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Bud at Canyon Country RV. They have the best people working on your RV, very knowledgeable and the price is right, also very honest, highly recommend them.

Onions to the onion about using a rescue inhaler at a restaurant. What part of "rescue" do you not understand? A person suddenly short of breath might not be able to get up and go outside. I suppose you think they should just stay home. If a kid is old enough to know about crack, they can learn asthma.

Orchids to Lisa, Rick and Robert at Shoreline Plumbing who came to the rescue of the little girls who needed a warm bath at night instead of a cold shower. New water heater and instant service with a smile. You have made me a very happy customer.

Onions to my neighborhood dog owners that do not pick up their dog poop. You are just breeding flies! Your yard is filled with piles. I feel sorry for your three dogs that suffer their bites! Double sorry your dogs never go on walks.

Orchids to Tommy at Vegas Airporter. Your driving, attentiveness and conversation made for a fabulous trip. Thank You. Linda C

Onions to the repair shop. I left my hearing aid to be fixed at a local place, and after three weeks I called and they said they were waiting on parts. I told them that the unit was under repair coverage. I should not have to tell them three weeks later, and they should have checked the status first thing.

Orchids to all the wonderful volunteers down at the fish habitat program. Your work has paid dividends for all. Orchids to myself for receiving such dividends in the form of two 8-pound catfish last week. El Rio.

Onions to the Lake Havasu City road department, for chip sealing over 12 potholes on Daytona between Safari and El Dorado Lane. I called these in several times over the last few years without any action taken.

Orchids to Scott Pattinson at Bashas'. Thank you for being the best boss ever! Thank you for your leadership and always making time for me and others. Bashas' 116 will never be the same. You will be missed so much. Many blessings to you, happy retirement. Tracy and family

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I'd also like to give an Orchid to Scott Pattinson at Bashas, he has done a lot for our local community without seeking any credit for it. We have shopped at Bashas for years and have enjoyed his humor and dedication to service. Enjoy your retirement Scott! We will miss your smiling face.



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