Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the young lady (sorry, didn't get your name) from the photo department at Walgreens. You went all over the store to help me find my misplaced cane. I really appreciate your kindness...God bless. Little Old Blonde Lady

Onions to the clerk who chatted while checking out customers inside, ignoring others. Waited five minutes, then beeped the horn. "You just pulled up,” he replied. “I’ll be with you in a few moments" and shut the window. Will not go again.

Orchids to Lakeview Family Dental’s great staff and one of the best dental assistants. Jennifer. Very helpful and caring. But I do miss Dr. Baber! Hopefully the new doctor will be just as pleasant. Thanks to all of you!

Onions to entitled people who think it’s ok to yell at sweet 96-year-old women. How on earth will you explain that when you are in front of God?

Orchids to Barb the Nail Lady. What a wonderful job she does; our little ones loved her. Thank you!

Onions to not enough "No Wake" markers in the wide open area of Thompson Bay, or is this a speed trap/revenue generator?

Orchids to Mary's Place inside Shot Gun Jenny's. After she left the VFW, we thought we lost her, she has her own restaurant and her famous prime rib is super! Eight of us went there last night; it was fantastic. Thank you Mary. Carol J.

Onions to being told to wash our recyclable trash when the sewer charges on my monthly bill are five times the water charge! I and many others simply cannot afford the extra expense. I will be glad to recycle if the city will re-evaluate its sewer charge policy.

Orchids to Casa Serrano and Margie (hostess.) Memorial Day was our first time to visit. We think we found our favorite Mexican restaurant. The buffet food was great and very clean. We were very surprised to learn that Margie was not the owner. She was very friendly and professional. Chino, CA.

Onions to not relocating the mountain lion seen in Desert Hills. The deputy told neighbors they were hoping it will just move on. If that was the Refuge or Sailing Hawks, helicopters would have been flying with night vision scopes until it was found.

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