Orchids and Onions

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids and thank you to Brian, Tech with Frontier Communications. He was friendly and very thorough fixing my computer internet connection issue. All is fine now. J. Somerville

Onions to the store selling me what I believe was a poorly engineered barstool. Thus far they've refused to pay my medical bills. Barstool seat was slick and glossy allowing me to easily slide off. I twisted my pelvis in the process. Friends think it's improperly made. They say get a lawyer. I am!

Orchids to Zen and her yoga class at MCC. Orchids to MCC for offering a senior discount for those folks wanting to keep active and interested in new activities.

Onions to ADOT. Please start working on Highway 95. My recent out of town guests were even complaining about it. They thought they were in Michigan.

Orchids to Lake Havasu Ballet for a wonderful performance last Saturday. The kids were a real joy to watch and very talented!

Onions to the guy that doesn’t think he should pay for a service provided.

Orchids to him telling all his friends not to use our services, because honey if they are anything like you we don’t want them.

Onions to the Realtors and the city officials who are permitting a drug rehab clinic in a grocery store parking lot. This business belongs in the medical district, not by a church and a preschool. The parking lot is bad enough without adding this element to the mix. Bad decision on everyone’s part.

Orchids to Dr. Daulat for taking great care of my skin problems all these years cannot forget Sara as well.

Onions to the woman working the front desk at the vet's office. You are so rude. The back room would be a better place for you.

Orchids to Republic Services - their drivers and customer service people are remarkable. Onions, however, to the people who won't follow the recyclable items guidelines.

Onions to the repair company’s service charge. The repairman was here for 10 minutes, but found nothing wrong with my washer. They still charged me $75 for the visit! I think they should have half the service charge if there is nothing wrong.

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