Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the man who took only the cushion to our couch. You said you would be back to get the couch. After several days of sitting outside we were forced to take to the dump! What a waste of a good couch, not able to go to someone who could really use it. What a joke you are. Get A Life!

Orchids to Aaron at Benjamin Franklin Heating & Plumbing. He checked the water heater, replaced some water valves and was cheerful and polite in our Arizona heat. David Baker.

Onions to the phone company. Had two no-show appointments for a land line and internet service for my new small business. Hard to believe we live on the frontier.

Orchids to Rachel at Lakeside Heart and Vascular. Always a pleasant experience to see this young lady who excels in patient service. Either on the phone, or when you visit the office, she is always efficient, positive, friendly, and will certainly make you smile. The Burrage Family.

Orchids to the new Chinese resturant in the old Golden Corral building. Great food very clean, awesome people excellent pricing and all very fresh.Go try it, you will love it.

Onions to the pizza place. The employee at the cash register, with whom I was face to face, wearing his face mask on his chin, (second time) and then putting my $8 payment in his pocket instead of the companies’cash register.

Orchids to the Veteran that thanked me for my service at the Dollar Tree store and for the token service coin pack he gave me. From one vet to another, we all thank you for your service and sacrifice.

It warms my heart to know we stand together united. Fred Bennett.

Ochids to Jeannette H. at Albertson’s. She is always pleasant and courteous. She is a real asset to Albertson’s and breath of fresh air in these trying times. Thanks for going out of your way today.

Orchids to the onion regarding the welfare of Havasu citizens. Totally agree with the fact that our leaders are only interested in the revenue to line their pockets. Try taking care of your residents enforcing the mandates that are in place!

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