Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the folks helping me push the lady’s car to Zip after she ran out of gas. We all chipped in and filled her tank. She got home safe and sound. I left with a smile on my face. Ranger Terry

Onions to a computer problem causing more disruption than it should have! What happened to the old fashioned pencil and paper, or have the kids not been taught which end of a pencil to hold?

Orchids to Danielle at Truly Nolen. It's rare nowadays to find someone answer the phone and be polite and sweet and knowledgeable. Great admins are the core of many businesses, 10 Atta girls for you...Gayle

Onions to the city. I joined in on the Friday night art show. Do you ever use the street cleaner on McCulloch?

Orchids to College Street Brewery for having the coldest beer and frostiest mugs. Combine that with the food menu and ambience, and it's always a favorite treat. Jimmy Doc

Onions to the golf pyramid’s thief, first the silver balls at the top of each pyramid, then both pyramids with my replacement red balls at the top. Did you get a thrill stealing my son’s gift to me? Karma avenges!

Orchids to Jessica at Tri M Mart for making the best breakfast burritos in the area and made many nurses smile. Thanks for your outstanding customer made a difference!

Onions to nudist-haters! It's pretty hot here, you know, or maybe they just want to feel a little freedom. Why not take over a couple of "cold beverages" and have a friendly talk? They probably don't want to offend anyone, they just don't value clothes. It's okay. Just communicate!

Orchids to Cha Bones for taking good care of our Red Hat Ladies lunch. Great food and great service and fun flaming candles for the birthday girls!

Onions to person spouting off false info on who owns Fox. No Saudi prince is an owner or co-owner, but a Saudi prince does have a bit of stock bought through an investment company. A good research aid is "" Please do your research!

Orchids to Mudshark Brewery for your support of the Havasu MTB team last night! The pizza was delish and everyone had a great time. Thanks again!

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From Snope's - "Prince Al-Waleed’s investment firm, Kingdom Holding Company, holds a 6.6% stake in 21st Century Fox, the parent corporation of the Fox News Group (which includes the Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network) — a sizable chunk, but far from a controlling or co-controlling interest in the company."

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