Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the Red Cross and Steve Irwin for putting in new batteries in our home smoke detectors. Very nice person. No charge. Thank you.

Orchids to John, Jason, Jeff and the rest of staff at Pawn Stars! The customer service is top! Great, friendly and helpful. Prices are fair and it's just the best place to shop or borrow in town!

Onions to the city water department for the lack of any misting or cooling systems in the meter reader's vehicles. Talked with my guy this morning. Very nice! Tough reading meters in 117 degree heat. He has to literally dig out the meters because of mice all over town in hot sun.

Orchids to Parks and Recreation workers for not killing two rattlesnakes found at Grand Island Park Monday, released them far away. Orchids also to keeping this park open to the public, we early morning walkers, and all who enjoy this park, appreciate it!

Onions to the local hospital. How can the hospital not have a radiologist on hand to read an ultrasound for ladies who have been told they have a lump? My wife has to worry until Monday before she can get the results and she has already wait for over a week to get the ultrasound.

Orchids to Nick at Riverview Auto Sales for a smooth and easy purchase of our vehicle. Sure will be back if another auto deal arises in the future.

Onions to the complainer about loud children in a restaurant. This is sometimes part of the dining out experience. If you want a quiet dining experience, then stay home and cook.

Orchids to Kitchen and Bath Concepts. We are very happy with our new kitchen. Thanks for making this huge task a little easier. Thank you G and J

Onions to the cemetary. I recently visited and was astonished at how bad the veterans section looked. Grave tablet markers were sunken several inches and the area looked like it hadn't been taken care of in months, if not years. No one in the office to complain too but will definitely follow up.

Orchids to Bob's Cabinets. We are very pleased with our new cabinets. Thanks to Mason for doing an amazing job installing them all in one day. We are happy with our new kitchen. G and J

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Can Of Corn

Onions to this biased newspaper. Owned by the lefties, influenced by the left. Failing paper at that.

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