Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to those at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church who prepared and served the Thanksgiving Dinner. It was just like home!

Onions to the gym and their broken down equipment, TV’s, toilet paper holder, for over six months, and for their cheap cleaning cloths and other sanitary items. Pay your suppliers so they service your facility. We pay for, and deserve, better.

Orchids to London Bridge Golf and Bridgewater Links for supporting the Special Olympics Golf. Your help is very much appreciated. Scott, Jane and Brian

Onions to the LHC Parks Department. The weeds at the SARA Park little dog park are terrible. My dogs get covered in those seeds. My car and clothes are covered in them. I cannot go to another dog park because I have an eight-pound, three-legged, 10-year old dog. You have known about this problem for a long time.

Orchids to all the great servers (waiters and waitresses) in Havasu! We are snowbirds and are impressed with the quality of service from these fine folks. It is our habit to always tip 20%, and oft-times more. Not having the appetite of 25-year olds anymore we sometimes split a meal and it’s not because we are “penny pinching.”

Onions to arrogant snowbirds. Only the Chamber of Commerce is glad to see you. The permanent residents laugh at you. You talk and dress funny and drive like you're at home on ice.

Orchids to Novak Animal Care for saving Tootsie Roll's life one year ago. I will be eternally grateful. You have the Wonder Woman of the veterinarian world working there, Dr. Tracy Kutil DVM.

Onions to the onion about the server and the body decorations. The tip is for the service and not their preference of body ornaments. Dine where it suits your taste or at home and save your meager tipping.

Orchids to the professionals at HRMC. My mom spent seven days in first the ICU, and then the second floor. For the most part, every person who served her and cared for her was cheerful, competent, and compassionate. Thanks to all!

Orchids to Ken for the street clean-up on Offshore after both recent storms. Thank you!

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