Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Steve for correcting my history. A big sorry to my sister’s friend Sandy. Believe it or not, my grades were all exceptional, but I flubbed up on this one. Thanks.

Onions to the person complaining about the $3 wilted celery. Why did you buy it? Duh!

Orchids to Maverick customers. My husband forgot to take his credit card after using it at the gas pump at Maverick’s. When he came to check at Maverick’s today, a fabulous customer turned in my husband's card. Thank you so much!

Onions to missing the final round of the PGA golf tournament because a third place baseball team, who are nine games behind, are on TV. What a joke.

Orchids to Dr. Prater, Irice, and all his wonderful staff for taking good care of me for last five years. We are so blessed to have such a great and caring doctor in Havasu.

Onions to gruff man at the substance abuse seminar drinking a bottle of water inside a brown paper bag. If you were trying to make a statement you did. When asked why, you claimed it helped keep the water cold. I don't buy that! Many attendees thought you were nipping until I told them otherwise.

Orchids to Frank and Scott at Brake Masters. Took my old Buick in, expecting a costly A/C repair. After thoroughly checking it, they showed me a shortcut to keep it going. They did not even charge me for their time.

Onions to Havasu gas prices. Parker Terrible Herbst's $2.59 a gallon cash price.Orchids to Cheryl Goodrich. She is a diabetes specialist and is wonderful. I have had great success with controlling my diabetes since being under her care.

Orchids to Dan and his helper Mel of Paramount Construction for the great ideas and the work at modernizing my home. Good cleanup too, was very much appreciated.

Onions to y'all who thinks that my wife looks like I ironed her clothes when she is not feeling well. I do the best that I can and don't care if we look a little wrinkled.

Orchids to Ranger Steve for setting Ranger Terry straight. Maybe he should take a break for a while.

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