Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Sharon at the Islander Resort for putting a food vendor sample night for the out of town visitors, what a huge success. I think 80% of the people had never been to our bakery. The people were complimentary and genuinely appreciative that we were there. Great job Sharon.

Onions to Department of Motor Vehicles, which no longer uses lighted signs above each station telling customers when their number is being serviced. Instead they just call out the number. And when I say "call-out," I'm exaggerating. It is barely audible. Anyone waiting their turn who is hard of hearing is out of luck.

Orchids to Charley at McAtlin Electric. You saved our day, your knowledge and honesty is a great asset to your company. Thank you so much again! K. Rondeau

Onions to the teacher who tells her students that sparkle/glitter is the devil’s dust. What happens at Christmas time when there is lots of glitter, the devil to her must be all around her.

Orchids to Katie White! Thank you for always making our classes fun and enjoyable. Most of all, thank you for being my biggest inspiration! "Mastery learning not mystery learning..."

Onions to the complainers about the "soft opening" in the restaurant. I never understand why people rush to try a place when it first opens and then bash it if it's not up to par. The place needs time to figure out the flow. Spread some positive energy for a change.

Orchids to Smiths for the senior parking! There is never enough handicapped parking and we deeply appreciate you stepping up to help people who sometimes need a little help!

Onions to dogs on leashes at the swap meet, or any place people gather. Leashes are hard to see in a crowd, and easy to trip over. Leave your dogs home, when you want to do people things, and take them to the dog park often so they can do dog things.

Orchids to each and every person I’ve had contact with. Whether you know it or not you have impacted my life in a positive way. I will miss everybody but I’ll definitely come back to visit.

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