Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the Anderson Group and Wells Fargo Bank for sponsoring the Taste of Havasu.

Onions to people thinking wages can be increased without it being passed on to the consumer. If it costs more to run a business, it costs more to buy products. In the end, wage increase makes No difference.

Orchids to snowbird season. For us full-timers, remember they are all a year older, and yes a little slower. Be patient with them.

Onions to all the sloppy drivers on our roads. No signals to turn, cutting corners, turns from the wrong lane, etc. What ever happened to common courtesy to you fellow drivers? No respect out there!

Orchids to Gary and Stacey for assisting my husband after he tumbled off his bike on the Island bike trail on Sunday morning. Drove me to retrieve our truck and loaded our bikes. Your kindness was much appreciated! M & S

Onions to the postal service. Again my mail went to neighbor, another neighbor’s mail to me. Can't carriers read names, house numbers? Frustrating.

Orchids to the beautiful people of Hospice of Havasu who lovingly cared for my Joe in his last days. Special thanks to Barbara, Linda and Jess. He thought you were the best. Nancy

Onions to the new bar. I never had a Philly sandwich on a 5-inch bun with chunk meat; I could have got a better one at Costco! They always had the best sandwiches, what happened? Next time I'm going to Fox's.

Orchids to Affordable Landscaping & Maintenance on Tanglewood Drive. Hard working and the clean-up was excellent.

Onions to the scurrilous equivocate asking me if I want water with my ale. It really showed how ribald a human can be when motivated to discredit another person.

Orchids to the Elks volunteers and all the other great businesses and organizations that do the high-way cleanup. Those blue bags along the highway represent many hours and volunteers that truly care about our beautiful city. Thanks to all of you!

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