Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Sheryl. You have done it again. Blondes do have more fun, but I’m too old for this action. Jennie

Onions to the onion on the nonsmoker at the club. Wake up! 500,000 dying yearly of smoking related causes. Some people go through life and never get it.

Onions to people who drive in the dark with their headlights off. You aren’t going to save much money driving without them off, but you might save someones life!

Onions to the “defund the police movement.” The wolves will eat the sheep alive without a sheepdog. Think about it! Signed, a retired sheepdog.

Onions to the store. While I was there, more than five people came in with no mask and they were allowed to stay in the store and shop. They did not appear to have a health issue. Too bad money is more important than those who spend the money.

Orchids to Jack at Ever Clear Pools. What a happy guy. He always does great work with no complaints and trust me I have plenty of trees for witnesses. Thank you Jack. Nothing better when an old person can see a smile.

Orchids to Lou at Quality Landscaping. I have been with Lou for twenty years. In all that time there was always one thing that can never be beat or at least not here, but whenever I have an emergency leak he is there pronto before you water goes off the chart. Better than that he works literally from sun up to sun down in 115 degrees. He still smiles and laughs with me. I would be crawling home after being in that heat.

Onions to the company in Havasu who feels it’s OK to take money, do a little bit of work, then no contact for several weeks, then goes on vacation, then comes back and started just to totally screw up the project. They missed the schedule by several weeks.

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