Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Dave and his team at Havasu Home Improvement. Great job. He calls when he says he will, shows up on time, and does great work. A rarity in this town.

Onions to the new neighbors who put up a fence that blocks the mountains. You also leave your backyard lights on, so we can no longer see God’s nightly artwork. Very sad now.

Onions to the internet provider, the worst company to come to our city. The people pay good money for bad service. Too many shows are tiling, the sound breaks up or goes out completely and the picture goes black. Who the heck runs this hopeless company?

Onions to the people on Rolling Hills Drive who received and accepted a sympathy gift that was not intended for you. How low life and classless can care givers be? Karma.

Orchids to the military C-130 flying low and slow over the lake, giving boaters and landlubbers alike a big thrill. I know the aircrew was having a ball too.

Orchids to Beezt Air Conditioning. It was exceptional service and fair priced! Justin installed two spliter units in the garages. He was on time and cleaned up. It was beyond my expectation.Can’t go wrong with Justin as a plumber!

Onions to the people speeding through the crosswalk in front of Smith’s. We saw three cars within 10 minutes yesterday going at least 25 through there. What’s the matter with you people? Are you above the law? I don’t think so!

Onions to the landlords who are raising rents at this time of hardships. People who are paying their rent struggle to make ends meet and you inconsiderate people just want to make it harder. Some people aren’t even paying their rent at this time. You should be grateful that you are getting your rent every month, on time.

Orchids to the young man who paid for all of our meals at IHOP. Thank you, We will pay it forward. Blessings.

Orchids to Dr. Ercolani for his care and medical intervention re: incontinence. I’m finally free of “piddle pads” forever. Dr. Ercolani found the problem in first visit! Ladies, suffer no more; make an appointment with Dr. Ercolani immediately!

Orchids to Michael, at Affordable Hearing, (formerly know as Zounds), he goes above and beyond to help and make your hearing correctly. Thank you, Rosemary Yonda

Onions to customer at Home Depot implying that you are a coward for wearing a mask and brave if you don’t. Just proves that you can’t fix stupid.

Onions to the restaurant. I had to wait two hours just to get a seat on the patio and then another hour just to get my food. When I got the food it was cold and terrible. The people who work there look like they belong in kindergarten. This is not the first time we’ve had to wait that long. But it will be our last.

Orchid to Peggy at Food City. The two 3ft subs were perfect and tasty for our birthday party. Good job.

Onions to all the posts about bad drivers. If you think being cut off or a driver went out of turn at a four way stop is bad, you could have a senior old lady back into you while you’re stopped. Then lie about it; costing the non-at-fault person lots of money. Until you deal with a liar, feel lucky.

Orchids to Johnny’s Auction Service. Five stars from us. They sold all items from us in one auction. Very satisfied.

Orchids to Nicole at MVD. Your kindness and professionalism during my visit gave me a new outlook on the MVD. Thank you!

Onions to the scheduler at the eye doctor. Here’s a tip, if you are going to talk to people for a living, take a class in customer service. You were rude and just plain nasty in how you spoke to me. I’ll be taking my care elsewhere!

Onions to the onion giver who thinks she owns the name “Aquaholic” it’s been in the top 10 boat names many times since 2003 per

Onions to restaurant that had several cars in line. I was extremely hungry and couldn’t wait that long. I ended up waiting in the end.

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