Another beautiful day in Havasu....

Orchids to all you beautiful nurses on the third floor for all you do. May God bless you a million times over. I hope you enjoyed the pizza.

Onions to the establishment for not taking care of their staff, health and safety. First responders are not a priority for testing. No symptoms but testing positive for covid-19 positive and you are still required to come to work. Not safe.

Orchids to the entire staff at River Valley Hospice for the service they provided with the passing of my husband Daryl and continued service of full circle after care.

Orchids to Interstate Batteries. In this heat, my battery died. My friend gave my battery a jump and guided me to Interstate Batteries. Staff was available and within 20 minutes, I was driving away with a new battery! Excellent service! Very grateful customer.

Orchids to Dr. Noronha for your caring thoughts and calls. You are a very caring doctor and I love you!

Orchids to Hokkaido Asian Buffet. Good food. Great service to accommodate needs of the group. Cleanliness and safety measures seem top notch.

Onions to the girl at the drive-thru coffee. She took our money,the other people’s money, then made our coffee. She didn’t wear a mask or gloves. To top it all off she used her hands to put our straw down in our drinks. We’re never going to get through this at this rate.

Orchids to Amber at Staples for your amazing help to St. Vincent de Paul for our yearly shopping trip for school supplies. We are so thankful for your help. Thank you for helping us help those in need.

Onions to the rude, self-serving out-of-towners. Take your virus and get out!

Onions to all the people with bad attitudes.

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