Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the family on Thunderbolt and their wonderful holiday light displays. You’ve got a for sale sign up. We’ll miss your creativeness but wish you good luck in your new location where ever that may be.

Onions to anyone who says, “It’s my bad.” What a stupid thing to say. Crazy Horse snowbird Gary

Orchids to Kelsey at Debra’s Skin care for her kind and generous donation to my cause, Knitted Knockers. Made my day!

Orchids to the Arizona legislature wanting to ban “sanctuary city” policies. I assume the ban will also cover the recently named “2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties” as well. Great news!

Onions to not wanting the Laughlin run in Havasu. What is the difference, as they are only here for two days and spend a bunch of money? They have their fun and then they are gone. The snowbirds take over for months and ruin the happy hours for the locals, make grocery shopping miserable and treat our service workers terribly.

Orchids to Jerseys. Stopped in for a quick bite and discovered a great happy hour! Excellent food and good entertainment. They even created a space for our group to do a little dancing. We will be back!

Orchids to Havasu Community Health Foundation Dementia Connection for bringing Teepa Snow today’s voice for dementia to Lake Havasu. Thank you to the sponsors and vendors whom had great displays and food. We are so lucky to have this seminar in our community.

Orchids to promoting Coleen to court supervisor. Tireless worker, organized and always there for you when you have a problem.

Onions to the DMV. I have to look down to have ID photo taken. I’m only 5’10” and makes me look like I have a giant turkey neck.

Orchids to Scott of Letters, Lines & Designs for the awesome hand painted striping job on our El Camino. He listened and then delivered exactly what we wanted. Thanks Scott! Gerri & Mike

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