Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the well to do person who lives in an upscale HOA neighborhood that did not appreciate common vacationers and stated one is a plumber. That is very wrong of you. I hope one day you will not need the help of a plumber. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Onions to those who are complaining that things are shutting down again because of the increase in infections from the virus. If you folks would have taken the necessary precautions like wearing face masks maybe this could have been avoided.

Orchids to Dick C. Davis. well said.

Orchids to Joan Garnett. 100% agree with you.

Onions to the people going to gyms and not cleaning their machines. My wife and I exercise at a smaller gym and there are old goats who stroll in, use weights riding machines, etc. and walk out like it’s someone else’s responsibility. How crass! Now they are all closed again. THANKS!

Orchids to Jerry who paid for my crews breakfast Jack’s. I will pay it forward. Thanks Tom.

Onions to the Realtors in town using photos of themselves on business cards and their advertising which are at best 20 years old. We all age, why not be honest about it?

Orchids to Alter-Eco Salon for the incredible experience. Lake Havasu City is lucky to have you! Adorable salon, adorable owners. Thank you!

Orchids to Janet Marinelli and staff at NextCare Urgent Care for providing covid-19 testing. We owe much appreciation to those who come in contact with this disease daily. Thank you for all that you do.

Onions to the brewery. I was recommended to go for good food. Manager man said they were closing soon at 9, but when we called earlier he said they were open until ten. Said he highly doubted we called. He was degrading, rude and unprofessional and called me a liar, shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

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