Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the “powers that be” for allowing spring break to continue here at this time, especially in a community of mostly senior citizens! Send the kids home and give us a chance to avoid getting coronavirus!

Orchids to the farmers market for shifting their focus from event to market. We look forward to the event style when it is again safe to do so. Great job with social distancing! The KAWS is a perfect venue for such a community minded and small business focused cause. Got food from sustainable sources.

Onions to the parents of teenagers with nothing to do. So they send them to Rotary Park where they can litter, throw rocks on the grass, cut holes in sun tarps, break door handles off the men’s room door and smash the soap dispenser two times this month and break branches on the trees. The maintenance crew loves little Johnny!

Orchids to Spot One Pest Solutions. They are quick to call you back, affordable and the work is impeccable! Chris is very friendly and took the time to tell me about what he was doing and didn’t rush away. No more weeds at my house!

Onions to the neighbor on Lightning Lane when a package was delivered to their home that was meant for us. It took them five days to get it back to us. What made matters worse was a third of the contents were missing. I hope you enjoy wiping with our toilet paper.

Orchids and blessings to the Lake Havasu City Task Force for arranging coronavirus testing! We are high risk with symptoms and were tested Sunday morning at the drive-through testing at Midwest Internal Medicine! Bravo to the professionals who tested us!

Onions to all the visitor hoarders. Go home.

Orchids to Lange Veterinary for getting our suddenly ill dog in first thing on a Friday morning. All of the staff were great and helpful.

Onions to the fast food places! Employees taking money and cards and returning without wearing gloves. Employees handing you drinks and bags of food without gloves. There is a deadly pandemic going on! Wake up! Other fast food places please heed!

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