Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the home improvement store for making such a scene when this disabled man entered through the exit. Aside from the employee attempting to grab me, and the expressed desire to keep people safe from covid, you are all hypocrites for not wearing masks. I, alone, had a mask on my face.

Orchids to all the petty tyrants telling us how to live. You must stay home, you can’t come to your home here, and you must wear masks. Please use that thing between your ears. For every case there are going to be many who’ve had it and are now immune, and for every new case someone has recovered and moved on. The case from a month ago is no longer a current case.

Onions to ADOT. Went to their office this morning to get a handicap placard. Was told I had to call for an appointment. I tried every ADOT number all morning and could not get through. In all my years on this earth I have never encountered such a lousy organization. I'll just have to walk long distance in bad pain.

Onions to the very rude woman at Bashas. They put the blue X on the floor for social distancing. You move your way up standing right next to me. The cashier told you to move back. Then you have the nerve to tell her she was very pushy. You seemed worried about shopping wearing a mask? Why?

Onions to the cheapskates. Food comped and all you could leave was a lousy five dollars. Hope I see you again so I can give you back your five bucks and you can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Orchids to people who train, love, clean up after and leash their dogs, especially in the channel.

Onions to lazy folks who leave their disinfectant wipes and masks in the grocery carts! Disgusting!

Orchids to the big onion about dumb people not wearing face masks.

Shame on the stores here for not enforcing the use of face masks. The legal beavers are chopping at their bits anticipating claims of negligence against businesses. Could be a lawsuit if it results in multiple people being sick or dying. All traced back to the negligent store. Think about it!

Orchids to my husband Davey Crockett for being such a kind, gentle and faithful soul.

Onions those who don’t appreciate being confronted when they present a hazard to others. Well, I have news for you. Your rights stop where my rights begin. If you can’t go out in public taking proper precautions during a pandemic, then stay home or in your car. Stupid is as stupid does.

Onions to the city of Havasu. Bullhead City is smart enough to charge non-residents for beach access to defray the costs of escalating maintenance and police and not dump it on the local taxpayers.

Orchids to the family on Widgeon Dr. who put on the concert in their front yard for the whole neighborhood. It was really appreciated.

Orchids to the Bradley Auto Group for honoring and showing appreciation to teachers in LHC! I am forever grateful for having the incredible opportunity to drive a new vehicle each quarter of the school year as recognition for Teacher of the Year. Thank you so much! Mrs. Hagen, LHUSD

Onions to the onion about wearing masks. We are to breathe in O2 and exhale CO2. So mask wearers are breathing in their own bad air. Masks are only 2% effective to the virus. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face.

Orchids about the bully. That’s nothing to what my friend has dealt with over the millennium. The crazies have taken that behavior to a laughable experience. It could go postal so cameras are recording twenty four seven.

Onions to Cruella and Snidely. Our home will never be worth fixing. I can’t wait to rent it out to partiers and leaving you with what you sow. May our weeds grow 10 feet tall as it’s the only way to hide the junk yard, not to mention the behavior. We all are laughing as you depart.

Orchids to Dr. Ercolani. I’m in my mid-80s and I had a severe bladder-leak for the last 30 years. After surgery by Dr. Ercolani I am now at zero leaks. The happiest women on earth!

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