Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the house on the corner of Ravello Dr. and Mohican Dr. for blocking drivers view by parking numerous cars in front yard and for installing a blue light aimed at intersection that blinds drivers at night!

Orchids to Linda and Ryan of Red Baron Pizza. I love your cauliflower pizza, especially when it’s prepared with the correct toppings. Thanks for making the turn easy and not cheesy!

Onions to the establishment who raised their prices on Bloody Marys. They were $7 last year, $10 now. Why, I asked? You said it’s been years since they were $7. Not. Then gave me a 10% local’s discount, but kept my change. Plus they were terrible drinks!

Orchids to Jeff and Kerri from Phoenix who helped when I accidentally locked my keys in my car. After trying to get into my car with no avail, they drove me back to my house to get my extra key. Thank you for helping two old ladies.

Orchids to the Havasu Classics and Anderson Chrysler for canceling their Veterans Day Car Show and for protecting their participants and members.

Orchids to Rudy Glass and their entire team for making my yoga studio shine. Custom mirrors and full length mirrors for the studio, and custom Plexiglas for the desk! This team is incredible.

Onions to the crew installing the new driveway, spewing loud, filthy, dirty language with seniors and children all around, and blocking residents’ driveways. Very low class. Wouldn’t recommend. Quite the contrary. This behavior is very cutting to seniors. It sets them on edge. Very poor p.r.

Orchids to Joann Gronskei & Fred Barber for their well written letters to the editor on the impact of Havasu visitors. We spend four months a year at our Havasu home and support local businesses. Everyone we have met has been welcoming. Carol & Clarence, Redding, Ca.

Orchids to Jeff Okamura at foothills bank. Refinanced my house in three weeks at a great rate. Outstanding service.

Onions to the commenter regarding my comment on the lack of coyotes. Based on their comment, they are admitting to the exterminating coyotes because they pray on dogs and have mange. Perhaps wildlife officials should investigate the commenter.

Onions to the city for not cleaning up the junkyard at Dover and Port. It’s so bad that it’s falling out in the street. What an eye sore! Clean it up!

Onions to the air conditioning company that took advantage of an elderly retired couple during the pandemic and July heat. The expensive unit sold them with the free extras (still on back order). Still waiting on your promised call from the boss to address this horrible customer service. This will not go away.

Orchids to Sharon Skibba for your letter to Editor on Oct 13. It was right on point, I totally agree with you. Thank you for submitting this very well written letter.

Onions to Bob Brown for only reading the onions! Orchids to you today on your 70th birthday! I hope your day is special and don’t worry about the number, it’s merely the number of years the world has been able to enjoy you! Happy Birthday.

Orchids to Ashley, the waitress at Boat House. Excellent service on my birthday dinner. She was tremendous, and the ice cream sundae was good as well.T-J.

Orchids to the nationally branded hardware stores that enforce using masks in their stores. The virus is alive and well and I appreciate your efforts in protecting me from the nay-sayers when I go into your stores. You have my business.

Orchids to our neighbors down the street for informing the neighborhood of the party they were going to have and even invited us. That’s a good neighbor.

Onions to big mouth gossipers. Funny you love spreading around other’s personal private lives but can’t say anything to the person’s face you’re talking about. Nothing but drama and immaturity. Does it make you feel better about your miserable life?

Onions to the private club trying to have lunch with heavy sewer smell is not good. That club is really messed up.

Orchids to Vicki at City Maytag for being so friendly and helpful. You provided exceptional service. My mom is so pleased with her new refrigerator. Thank you!

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