Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the carpet cleaners. Their sell is awful. They quoted me $100 for basic cleaning, and said that doesn’t include any stains, which costs $80 more. I had two small stains, how crazy. So, to get it done right, I had to spend $270. The work was OK, not outstanding. Terrible used car selling techniques.

Onions to the school that kept the teacher who said they would take kids out in the desert and shoot them. Everyone knows there is a teacher shortage, but that is just an excuse.

Onions to the grocery store! I purchased two gift cards, but when I got home, only one was in the bag. I went back to see what I needed to do to get a new card, but the manager basically told me I’m lying, that I have the card, and she couldn’t help me. I never go there normally, I only went because of the nice orchid I saw. Such shame.

Orchids to Craig Plumbing. Absolutely the best in town, service is outstanding, technicians are well trained and very professional. Morrie does an amazing job managing the service department. A special shout out to Frank for excellent service.

Orchids to Charlene Salamanca. I wish everyone could be perfect like you. You never gossip or spread other’s business. Your parents have to be so proud of your online career.

Orchids to the person trimming back the mesquite trees on Bluegrass and Baysinger Drive. That corner is a much safer section of the road now.

Onions to the LHCPD for letting Teilman Lindsay get away with anything. He has 17 felony charges in LHC. Someone like this should not be allowed to get bailed out time after time. Check out the Fresno news, he was arrested again on carjacking and gun charges.

Onions to the HOA for allowing residents to set off fireworks in the complex. My windows were hit a number of times by fireworks projectiles. Luckily they didn’t break. Residents live too close for this to be allowed.

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Too old for this

Orchids to Bib Bob. I wish everyone could be perfect like you. You never gossip or spread other’s business. Your parents have to be so proud of your online career.


Toft - lol [thumbup][smile][thumbup]


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Too Old, good one...absolutely hilarious. Kudos to you.


Instead of spending so much on a carpet cleaner, why not pay a bit more and buy a new carpet?


Onions to our neighbor on kiowa for allowing trees in thier backyard to grow so high that they block what was a beautful view of our lake. The trees have overgrown sooo much that his neighbor cannot park his car alongside his wall. Come on code enforcement.

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