Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids and five stars to Dave, Troy and Jesse from Havasu Home Improvement on the excellent painting job on the exterior of our home. They were meticulous, on time and clean-up was perfect. We highly recommend them and look forward to future projects together. John and Lynn

Orchids to Anne V. Singer for keeping residents busy and safe during these months of covid-19 precautions at Haven Health of Havasu.

Orchids to Nathan’s Air Conditioning in Lake Havasu. I was told by my home warranty contractor that I had to wait until it broke in order to replace my aging air conditioner. Nothing was offered to be done for seven weeks. Mold and bacteria spread throughout, then though the ducts at my home. I became ill. Nathan’s Air Conditioning saved my life. He helped identify why I was sick. Told me to get out of my home until they could replace my unit. They also are working with me on my home warranty to recoup my loss. The owner is Russ.

Onion to the employees in the barber shop and car dealership for not wearing masks to protect their customers. I was told masks were optional which is disrespectful. Just because you think this is a hoax and nothing to be concerned about puts me at risk.

Onions to over-tipping. I am sorry to disagree with the additional $20 tip for home delivery of groceries. We pay $9.95 plus an automatic tip, my groceries are left at the door and no door bell is rung. It was 104 degrees that day. I had frozen food. I would think they owe me.

Orchids to all healthcare folks, especially RN Chu, PT/OT at River Valley Home Health, Mandy, Ronnie, and Bellen at Agave PT.

Orchids to LHC Police Chief Dan Doyle for meeting citizens at the skate park and hooking them up with City officials to decide when to open the skate park!

Orchids to Dan Campbell and his crew at Roman Construction for an excellent remodel job. They went the extra mile. Few companies have this good work ethic. You are the best! Sharon Grant.

Orchids to Vanessa at Michael Alans for your time and help. You are so gracious and what a great store. Sharon Grant.

Onions to the coffee shop that quit putting beans in our coffee drinks. You used to do it every time, please be consistent so we can come back.

Orchids to the city for the virtual workouts. Please continue this program so those of us who can not attend classes at the Aquatic Center can continue with our workouts. It has been so beneficial.

Onions to re-opening restaurants. Last week’s highest death toll in Arizona we re-open restaurants? We are following a local yokel plan titled “Open Together” containing advice akin to vague “happy talk”! The CDC issued a 17 page document with specific, practical advice of how to do it without killing people.

Orchids to Kathy at the Elks. Thanks for being the best boss ever and making sure your girls are always taken care of. Thankful to work there!

Onions to the shaming mask wearers. Mind your business and respect their rights. You’re being inconvenienced not oppressed. Learn the difference. You claim to love your country, how about your community? Our county was projected to lead the country in cases. We are well on the way thanks to ignorance. Grow up.

Orchids to Class of 2020 Senior Spotlight. We love reading about LHC’s graduating seniors, their memories, accomplishments, and goals. May each graduate find his/her happy niche in life!

Orchids to Leann at Walgreens. Even behind the mask, her smile shines through I am so blessed to call her my friend. “Ranger Terry.”

Orchids to Kayla Stutler! She made 10 masks for Romer Beverage employees. When asked to make more and name her price, she refused to charge and made 20 more so they could all be protected. You are an amazing woman to take the time to make 30 masks for a business in town. You are so appreciated!

Onions to letting their dogs run free on the golf course. They are going to get hit by a golf ball.

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