Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to “Aquaholic.” I designed an Aquaholic decal 14 years ago and I didn’t get the idea from a boat. Your husband did not coin the term and it isn’t trademarked. Anybody need an Aquaholic decal for their boat?

Orchids to Chris at I Wear Sunglasses near Ross. I had a problem with an old pair I purchased from the former owner, and Chris took it on with a smile and efficiency, completely resolving the issue. This is a big reason to shop local. Service, plus, they have huge selection.

Onions to Waldo for running off again and for being ungrateful for your second chances and causing so much worry and grief! No more. Time to grow up!

Onions to the landlord who sold the building on McCulloch, and only gave a five day notice. The shop deserves better.

Orchids to Lake Havasu Museum of History, for making room for Havasu Rocks to set up shop until a larger facility is found. Come see the museum and Havasu Rocks. It is air conditioned and has wonderful staff.

Onions to the onion regarding the person stealing the name of their boat originated by her husband. Lady you must believe in fairy tales, your husband is a politician. Aquaholic is a common name. It can be seen nationwide. Get on board, sip a martini, and enjoy the beautiful Lake Havasu

Orchids to the officer at the Lake Havasu City Police Department who took the time to enlighten me about the enforcement of obscenity statutes in Lake Havasu City. Thank you for your consideration and service to our community.

Orchids to Stephanie at Bank of America for outstanding service in opening our new accounts. A most pleasurable experience. We appreciate your advice, your generous time and consideration.

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So what's the deal with the obscenity code? Does there need to be a complaint on record? Or does it depend on the words used, or who is the target of the words? The community wants to know! Hate has no place in Havasu.

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