Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to whomever schedules roadwork. I saw the lines being painted on the streets and thought they must be getting ready to paint the streets black. I think I would have done it the other way around. That’s planning for you in Havasu.

Orchids to Lake Havasu Dent Removal for the awesome removal of a 19-year-old dent in an awkward spot with no Vondo or repaint. Gone. Also front fender to make new flare fit properly. Thanks William and Jason. You guys rock. Tom

Orchids to Johnny’s Auction. They sold several of my items and I’m very happy with the price. Great place to sell your collectibles and treasures. Also very entertaining, good crowd. I will be back for the next auction.

Orchids to the great job on the countertops from Oasis Flooring, also a few issues with sink area counter wall, they called their kitchen/bath place all fixed within several hours. Great work

Onions to wind surfer for using the word “exhilarating” to describe the perfect ride. You evidently have never been behind the wheel of a blown alcohol drag boat! That is exhilarating! My boat’s towed back to the finish line faster than your board can go. I’ll take fuel over wind any day!

Onions to committee members for hiring a potty mouthed emcee, plus a vulgar square dance caller from Phoenix. Our “Senior Hoedown” was ruined because of such. Never in my 77 years have I heard profanities used by a square dance caller. One time the guy made us two-step to gangster rap. We left!

Orchids to the three gentlemen at the Elks Lodge who helped with the flat tire on my Ram 1500. As a fellow lodge member, I appreciated your cheerful help!

Onions to the stinky water coming out of our faucets. Smells like swamp water.

Onions to the road work on Acoma. People speeding through the 25 MPH signs which kicks rocks at my car. You guys suck.

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