Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Breezy and Vincent at Ratliff Painting. I know I would still be trying to decide the color for my kitchen cabinets. Without your expertise on this job, it would be a few (or more) sleepless nights.

Orchids to Carolynn Altman. She goes above and beyond to help her clients, always ready to provide service whenever she can. Highly recommend

Orchids to Cheryl. You are such a wonderful person. You give of yourself to so many people. You took care of someone who was being harassed by her neighbors and made her a part of your family.

Onions to the hex on the city. How many times have we watched the radar with a huge blob of rain heading right for us? When it gets to within five miles it either splits or goes on either side or it dissipates completely, keeping us dry. Everyone, do a rain dance when you see the blob coming.

Onions to man pulling up beside my new truck at the red light, then pointing out and laughing at the dent. Is this proper behavior for your kids to see? When they did the same, it showed a lack of respect. I know the dent’s there. It’s soon to be fixed. For you to make light of it was cruel. Grow up!

Onions to fast-food wrapper. I’m talking about the person responsible for wrapping our food last Monday. I couldn’t tell which was which when it came time to divvy up. Shelia ended up with green sauce instead of red. She’s highly allergic to green peppers.

Onions to the onion about flashing yellow traffic lights. If these traffic lights confuse you, turn in your driver’s license because you are a danger to yourself and others and shouldn’t be driving.

Orchids to Jake and his crew at Freedom Roofing for a great job on our roof repair at a very reasonable price. Would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of any roofing problems. Thanks

Orchids to the person who returned lost phone/wallet to customer service at Smith’s. Thank you so much!

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