Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to honest doctors in Lake Havasu City who don’t prescribe unnecessary tests and procedures. Onions to the many doctors who do. Especially, the cardiologist (who got fined and a slap on the wrist) who does. I underwent unnecessary and invasive procedures by two different doctors.

Onions to the shameless family who collects dog poop in the front yard. Fido now wanders into the vacant lot next door because the yard is full. Your poor dog has the scoots and needs a vet. Don’t be a crappy neighbor and dog owner!

Onions to negligent pet owners. As my wife and I entered Lake Havasu City from the north (by the airport) yesterday, we witnessed a tiny Yorkie get smashed by a semi truck. We couldn’t stop as there was too much traffic. Between coyotes eating our pets and lax pet owners, we have a problem here. Keep a better eye on your pets.

Onions to the onion regarding higher prices in restaurants. Have you seen the cost of meat in the stores? You do know those prices are passed on to restaurants don’t you? Also, when did pot roast become a gourmet meat? I’m digressing; stay home and eat.

Onions to the computer repair shop. I had a problem and after three days the shop called to tell me the problem is fixed. I took my computer home and had exactly the same problem, plus, another new problem that had never been a problem before. I called the repair shop and was told “ We will call you back this afternoon.” Well, you guessed it, I never received a call.

Orchids to covid money for the city. Let’s use it to build a housing facility for the many veterans who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances. The building can even have a medical clinic and a clubhouse or fitness center.

Orchids to Haven House. You helped my mom when she needed the most. Thank you!

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