Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the phone company (not Suddenlink) who laid cable across my back property and has not removed it or contacted me for removal. I have been fighting this battle since July 2021.

Orchids to Ryan at AMR. Your gentle touch and caring manor made me comfortable in my time of distress. The world needs more caring paramedics just like him. Thank you!

Onions to the group trying to take the country club from the small group of investors who tried their best to keep it up and running. Now that it’s shut down completely you have a dry course to look at! There goes your property values. Serves you right!

Onions to all the complainers about left lane drivers on State Route 95. If a person moved to the right lane out of courtesy to other drivers, the left lane drivers would let you over before getting to Walmart there might be less left lane drivers staying there! Me for one.

Orchids to all the residents proudly showing their flags supporting their beliefs, no matter whom they’re supporting. It shows you care about our country. Kudos and thank you!

Orchids to the Mohave County Search and Rescue team’s wilderness rope training class. Thank you for all you do!

Orchids to the lighting of Cupcake mountain coming on Oct. 30 after a 10 year absence. Welcome back! A big thank you to all who had a hand in it.

Orchids to the mayor and city manager for the informative meeting under the bridge. Onions to the loudmouth bully who insists on spewing his hatred every meeting. You must do it to boost your ego since you have private meetings with leaders but still attack in public. You sound ridiculous.

Onions to low tippers. If all you’re going to tip is $5 at a nice restaurant, then cook at home or get fast food. You ski race, you can afford to take care of service staff.

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Onions to the group trying to take the country club from the small group of investors!

Yes they were/are trying, but the latest is the cc is in escrow. Buyer unknown.

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