Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to anyone who is serving customers and for no reason other than personal bias treats a customer different than others. Professionalism is hard to find in today’s world if you have this attitude get out of the service industry. It hurts us who put service above personalities.

Onions to those landlords that raise the rent. Then refuse to reinvest in their homes or apartment complexes. You may rent it to others, but you still own it and are responsible for it’s physical condition. If the outside looks horrible than imagine what the inside looks like. You’ve been collecting rent for years and you allow bad renters to destroy what you own.

Onions to “more tests needed.” The invasive swab test, that produces at best 70% accuracy (from a reliable source), is a good idea? Whether false or true positive results show up and the required quarantine is way more than a few minutes! And that info could come weeks after the test was administered! What about unused swabs showing positive for the virus?

Orchids to Air Control. my mini-split unit in my garage started leaking water and the company sent out Mr. Lorono who solved the problem. Best of all, no charge.

Onions to our County Board of Supervisors for no financial reason, raising our property taxes next year. If no reason exists, why raise our taxes? Don’t Californiacate Arizona.

Orchids to our post office. I mailed a check in afternoon and it was received the next morning. I think they must have hand delivered. Great work !

Onions to yet another whine about K Mart 101,000 square foot property! Pay attention to reports from City Council. Over a year was spent trying to attract retail. Target wants 42 000 square feet. And they build. All big box stores want 100,000 population to get on bottom of list for consideration. 250,000 they might even come to see in person! None want a 100,000 square feet. building that can’t be divided. Keep up on details before complaining!

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mr kerry

I've never heard of any building or lot or other structure(s) that can't be divided. What am I missing?


depends on zoning

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