Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the Havasu VA Clinic personnel for the courteous way they have treated us Vietnam vets with the covid-19 vaccine. My second shot comes in four days.

Orchids to HRMC for the excellent care during my eight day stay with covid 19 and its complications. From the rescue EMTs, to ER, to third floor, they all worked hard to save my life and return home. God bless all of you for your dedication and love. AWT

Onions to the woman in the white truck in Albertsons parking lot who thought she was so special she could hold up traffic in a travel lane while waiting on a premium spot. Two cars behind me were waiting on her also.

Orchids to my wife Cruella DeVille. Even though we have spent our senior years at home I still get a real charge to my battery when you speed off showing the naysayers we don’t care what they all think. We can do what we want. It’s fun to creep them out so deal with it and leave our ripped flags alone.

Orchids to Canyon Country LLC for helping with my Ford Explorer. It was very much appreciated for your hard work. It was just a small fuse the size of your fingernail. I just wanted to say thank you to them and encourage people to take any mechanical needs to Bud or Chuck.

Orchids to Kevin and Evan VanRooy of VanRooy Plumbing. My neighbors had a leak in their RV and could find no RV repair to help him on a short notice. Kevin and Evan were working in our park and as busy as they were, took the time to help him. Great job guys, will recommend you to all. Thank You!

Onions to the winter visitor who came into the lodge and ranted on how great his great white north state is for over an hour but also spends 40 percent of their time here in Havasu. Talk about entitled bigotry. In case you have not noticed, we are building back better, so stop your hyprocasy of privilege.

Onions to the people who aren’t watching when someone brakes. You slam on your brakes which makes me have to also because you’re not paying attention. You will end up rear-ending someone and it will be your fault.

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