Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the grocery store “fondlers”! Must you touch every piece of meat, every vegetable, or piece of fruit before you pick one? Use your eyes instead of your fingers, out of respect for others!

Onions to the young man who evidently thinks time isn’t worth much. Son, I waited 30 minutes for you to repair a simple flat tire. My time is worth $500 an hour. You cost me $250, plus the fee. I see race car teams swapping out flats in under a minute. Your boss needs to jack you up!

Orchids to Lakeside Physical Therapy, Rehab and Sports Medicine- To all staff- Tom, Gail, Shannon and all of the other therapy assistants for helping me achieve a quick recovery from hip surgery. I continue with my home exercises.

Onions to tall, lanky, cowboy wannabe, standing outside the bar smoking a hand-rolled cigarette. It’ll take more than “howdy” and a wink to win me over mister. If it’s a Miss Kitty you’re itchin’ for, I say saddle up and head on down to the Long Branch. It’s evident a time machine brought you here!

Orchids to the anonymous gentleman who found my wallet aimlessly wandering around the Southside Ace Hardware parking lot. Work pants had a large hole in the rear pocket allowing it to escape. Kudos to Sharon who called saying he turned it in. Prevented another escape with duct tape.

Onions to several places in this town selling Old Milwaukee Beer. You’re killing visitors with the high price. I can get it back home for far less. I believe you’re taking advantage of snowbirds because we all have money. Next winter I’ll load up my truck and RV before departing.

Onions to free child labor. Those cookies are sold to make someone rich with children as the sellers. Nothing in it for them. Disgusting ritual.

Onions for allowing youth tournaments on the weekends. The tournaments are held here because other states are not allowing them because of covid. Let’s protect our Lake Havasu City residents.

Orchids to Murphy Broadcasting. We listen to KRZY and always enjoy his positive and inspirational thoughts and comments. Thank you, Havasu residents.

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