Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the people who think there is no school. Schools are closed to in-class learning are not closed! Teachers are working overtime to get education to students via distance learning. Students are learning, teachers are working, this does not equate to no school! Get it correct! Keep everyone safe so society can open again.

Orchids to all the other orchids who have asked our mayor and governor to close our beaches and boat ramps until this pandemic is under control. Maybe we can get this under control so us “stay at home citizens” can finally get out of our homes and get along with our lives.

Onions to the onion concerning the Republican picnic. If you’re ashamed to be a Republican over a mask, you’re not a Republican. Loud and proud red!

Orchids to the onion giver peeking through a fence at a skinny dipper. Pray your neighbor doesn’t turn you in to the cops.

Onions to the southern Democrats who instituted slavery in the south and orchids to Lincoln for ending it but it, seems that today’s Republicans want to keep it alive and well in the south.

Orchids to Senator Borelli. It’s way past time to question the haphazard way of choosing businesses to close. Now please look into the validity of the “quickly discovered tests.” I’d like to know which coronavirus it is identifying and how it does that. Never widely tested for them before.

Onions to the social club for helping to spread corona virus by having a state convention there. Along with not adhering to recommended safety practices. How many more members will be hospitalized before you elitists wake up?

Onions to the onion on flag flying morons. As a veteran I fly the flag daily due to love of my country and what she stands for. I guess I am a moron. You need to move back to California, Portland, Seattle or whatever hole you crawled out of. Can you say socialist?

Orchids to Chet at Done Right Auto. Great customer service, excellent repairs and you cannot beat the price. Lori Z.

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