Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Mark at Mark’s Construction for all of the work he did in our bathroom. His work was excellent. He always left everything clean and neat. Thank you. Be well and safe. Cherie.

Orchids to the nice owners of Rebel BBQ for towing us to safety when our boat broke down on the lake. They refused payment so we will patronize their business instead! Thank you again!

Onions to the onion about small guns. Have you been watching the news? Not too many peaceful marches, tremendous damage and killings. Seen the streets in lovefest Seattle? The little and big guns trying to protect you from having to go into the boxcar. You can thank our weak leaders for this fiasco.

Orchids to our local police department and the Mohave County Sheriff for keeping Lake Havasu City citizens safe. We appreciate your efforts.

Onions to rentals. I’m surrounded. Screaming and yelling all night — 32 people around the pool at one time. Boats turn around in my driveway. Are there background checks? They are revolving doors.

Orchids to the side by side that slowed down and stopped while we rode our horses out of the way while we were on state and BLM land. Sometimes our horses spook when a side by side or razor comes tearing around the corners. Drivers please look out for horses on the trails. Thank you, Havasu Equestrians.

Onions to the RV dealer. I called for four pins for my 5th wheel hitch. The person on the phone quoted me $30 dollars for two. After my shock, I went to tractor supply and paid $2.49 each and they worked perfect. They may need a new parts person or perhaps better training as they could be losing a lot of business.

Onions to the poster claiming the two armed ladies at the march were being weak and ignorant.Remember the old adage about glass houses? I thank these ladies. Check out the other cities who had the peaceful protest which ended up in looting and damage that ruined hard working people’s businesses.

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