Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the city roads crew that spent tax payers’ money to restripe Highlander with double yellow lines and then the next day the road oiler truck sprayed road oil covering the newly painted lines and now taxpayers will have to pay to have the road lines repainted. Poor planning!

Orchids to the great job on the bridge. Onions to the drunk driver that hit it. Glad nobody was walking there. It could’ve been a lot worse.

Orchids to The Refuge Golf Course for offering food in the pro shop. I had a delicious breakfast burrito with my round for the first time. Thank you.

Onions to whoever keeps piling up the rocks on the state land at the end of Fortune Drive to block my bicycle access to and from the state land. Orchids to me for knocking them back down.

Orchids to Nick Callagy Construction and crew for a job well done. Lived up to your reputation. Special thanks to the young gal and guy for putting the finishing touches to the concrete floor. B.J.

Onions to the guy who always has negative comments after every article. He is a sad soul.

Orchids to Havasu Dentistry! Dr. Kurtz, Amanda D, Amanda H, Tonya, Miss Sandy. Excellent gentle service, very affordable. Was seen right away, while all other dentist in town, were too busy! Thank you.

Orchids to Lange Veterinary Center for helping our Lacee on her final voyage. Very compassionate and caring.

Onions to my on again off again relationship with Charmin. Why is it every time somebody new comes to town you disappear?

Orchids to the person who found my wallet. I just moved with my grandfather in October. Coming back from the golf course I lost my wallet. Someone with integrity and kindness turned it into the police station with everything intact. A huge thank you to whomever did that. There are wonderful people in this world.

Onions to the car club that recently held a charity event, very few wore masks and no six feet distance between people. I don’t think people are taking this seriously.

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