Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the Mulberry sewer treatment plant. Why are you so stinky all the time? Stir more!

Onions to the person who destroyed a beautiful cross I made and put on a hill made to honor my two brothers who died this year. Solar lit. You cut all the solar wires and stole them. Shame on you.

Orchids to all of Dr. Powers’ patients for their

concern, sympathy, well wishes, and gifts to the office during this trying time. It is patients like you that keep us going. The outpouring of love and thoughts for Dr. Powers, family, and staff has been so touching and heartwarming. We could not ask for more compassion from our patients, family, and friends. Our patients mean the world to us.

Orchids to the kind people of Havasu. Mr. Joe Duzan was just talking to me at the car wash and gave me information on Lock and Key Rescue after I mentioned how frustrated I was that I couldnt get a new key programmed. So grateful for his time and help.

Onions to the ferry boat captain. Entering through Thompsons Bay he honked to get me out of his way. In my kayak, I gave him thumbs down for being in the south entrance. As he passed, he gassed it creating large wakes for me. Ticket!

Orchids to Shoreline Plumbing’s Logan who fixed our irrigation systems leaks, drips, and timer and other problems and to Lisa for sending help. Excellent service. T-J

Onions to an employee at a car dealership for her horrible customer service. Why go to this car dealership to purchase if you have to deal with her? I think everyone should give her lemons every survey you get.

Orchids to the lady at Republic Services who was so pleasant on the phone when I called to complain about my trash not getting picked up. Wish I could give an orchid to the trash truck driver who skipped me, but he’ll have to do better to earn it.

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