Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to those who wish me to wear a mask. It must be sad to live in such fear that you feel compelled to tell me what to do. Mind your own business and we will still survive!

Orchids to people who know how to treat each other. Kindness is such a wonderful thing. When someone treats you bad, or talks about you behind your back, they are usually jealous of you due to short comings in their own life. Remember, we all have a story. Live, love and laugh. Thank you.

Onions to the covid spreaders who converge in Lake Havasu City every weekend and continuously enter stores without wearing masks! I hope you get what you absolutely deserve!

Orchids to Wayne, the friendly Walgreens pharmacist. I went in for a flu shot and you put a Band-Aid on my heart too! God bless you! A fortune worth more than gold awaits you and your wife!

Onions to the city, and the county for not picking up trash on the roads and highways. You have a giant new budget, lots of new tax money, so use it for something that benefits everyone and onions to all the pigs who litter.

Orchids to D’Uva Plumbing and employee: Merrill. A water pipe inside our closet wall sprung a small leak. We called D’Uva plumbing and Merrill arrived shortly thereafter, found the leak with the first hole he cut in the wall and replaced the pipe. Cost only $119. The bargain of the day.

Orchids to my wonderful husband, who lives in pain and is disabled but never complains or tells anyone, I admire you.

Onions to the club that wonders why they are losing customers. No one wants politics when they go to a bar, least of all from a bartender. People hope to escape politics in a bar, not have it rammed down their throats. You are allowing a one-sided mob mentality that is driving the people away. So wrong.

Orchids to Kurt in the liquor department at Albertsons for great customer service. He is always pleasant and helpful.

Orchids to Dayle at the Vet Center. Sad to see you moved on. Thank you for caring so much for our local veterans.

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