Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Alpha Pools & Landscaping.Dennis and his crew did a fantastic job of redoing our front landscape and adding beautiful lighting to our front and back yard! Very professional and had lots of creative ideas for the desert themed landscape. We love the low voltage lighting which we will enjoy for years to come. Meadors.

Onions to the auto repair shop that quoted over $600 for a job I did myself for $84 in parts! If the price seems high, shop around or consider whether you or a friend can do it yourselves.

Onions to the city for letting a monopoly operate with no city oversight.That company can give poor service and charge premium rates while the public is left with no recourse other than canceling service, and that is wrong. We should be getting what we pay for.

Orchids to 180 days alcohol free. Now perhaps you can get a job to pay back those who have been supporting your child for the

last six years.

Orchids to publishing Joseph Hayden’s excellent letter on the Antifa myth. After Fox & the righties claim it’s a well organized faction of terrorists, someone with an actual brain snuffs out their crazy lies!

Truckloads of orchids to Dustin Hoyecki at Stidham Construction Inc. He is extremely thorough, conscientious, knowledgeable and kind; he treated all of the repairs and upgrades for the roof and exterior of my home and yard as if the home belonged to his own mother. My neighbors are also impressed and plan to call him when they need quality work done.

Orchids and thanks to Suzanne and management at BBVA bank. At my request they have placed a sturdy chair with arms at the lowered counter space for teller interaction. This ADA designated seating accommodates a disabled person very well.

Shirley Foerster

Orchids to the Republic Services truck driver who stopped to help my 86-year old neighbor. He crossed our street to retrieve her bag of trash from her and pushed her empty can back to her house. Hello human kindness!

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Onions to the person placing political handbills in my mailbox which is a felony for anyone other than a postal worker. It could be a $5,000 fine so stay out of my mailbox please!

Onions to the Federal Government for not keeping federal land swept to prevent wild fires.

Orchids to Terry, Kathy & Richard of HRMC’s Pulmonary/Cardiac Rehab Dept. What a amazing team of professionals. If you are referred for treatment, do it! No referral, get one from your doctor. This rehab really helps to get back on track, physically & mentally. Don’t wait. Joan, the happy patient.

Orchids to all of the patriotic volunteers who participated in the 9/11 Rededication Ceremony on Sept. 11. Never Forget!

Onions to the DMV for not enforcing the mask mandate. Twenty people and three had no masks and one was hacking away and not covering his cough. These people that think they are above the rules are the problem in our society and need to be dealt with.

Orchids to all those who honored all the working people on Labor Day. Onions to those who memorialized a guy that has never worked a day in his life!

Onions to the immature people in our community that resort to name calling (sheep). Many of us wear our masks as a sign of respect. Time for all of you to grow up!

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