Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the Renaissance Fair’s return. However, onions to date choice! Remember when schools, stores and many businesses closed, and churches opened, to observe Jesus’s time on the cross? How things have deteriorated and see where our nation is today. Just sayin’.

Onions to the restaurant for its loud thumping bass/music that is disruptive to the other businesses in the English Village area. Turn it down or turn the speakers towards the restaurant, not outlying properties. You are not the only business in the channel.

Orchids to the ambulance crew who turned on their emergency lights and followed the vehicle Sunday morning. Hopefully you, or the police, got him stopped before he went head on with another vehicle.

Onions to young man at theater taking a phone call during the movie. Some of us could hear everything said. If your gal is that insecure about you being out with friends, she has a real problem, pal. Contractions every five minutes is nothing to fret about. I should know. My wife had six kids.

Onions to the boaters who still don’t understand the counter clockwise navigation rules on the lake.

Onions to those who’ve driven up the housing market. Working families can’t afford a home, and rent increased 40%. You’re rude to the service industry and tip poorly. You roll through stop signs, drive dangerously aggressive. You’re ruining our beautiful city; go back to your socialist state.

Orchids to Erica and staff at Sanchez-Hawkins Jewelers for the wonderful service. Repairs and special order professionally handled with care.

Orchids for Annette at HRMC Mammography Department. The very best at direction and helping with the placement of my body. Thanks for being gentle and caring. No pain or discomfort for the first time in years! Thanks to your expertise. KB.

Orchids to the American Legion for an outstanding car show. It was a great turn out and even better because of the veterans! We live in such a caring, concerned and compassionate community. Thank you!

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