Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to my fellow Idaho winter visitors. “This spud’s for you!” I was thinking perhaps we create an Idahoans On The Bridge Day. Everyone bring a potato and hoe, and push our spuds from one end of the bridge to the other. A national attention getter. It would put a positive spotlight on our state.

Onions to those Havasu residents who think winter visitors are taking advantage of them. We own a place, pay taxes and utilities to this town year round regardless of being here or not. Support your grocery stores etc. How about the Californians that come here in the summer. I sure don’t hear you complaining about them.

Onions to the social media misinformer. I didn’t unfriend you because your opinions are different from mine. You allow your ‘friends’ to berate and bully those who don’t share their point of view.

Onions to riders of motorized bicycles on the trail from McCulloch Boulevard to Lake Havasu Avenue. You should call out “on your left” when coming up behind and passing a walker. Your voice will get their attention. But little bells on your handlebars won’t.

Orchids to Becka at Main Stich! She is so thoughtful and pleasant to work with.

Her creativity made it affordable for me to replace my old shabby cushions for my patio chairs! KJ

Orchids to New World Landscape for recommending Affordable Landscape with a boom truck to trim our olive tree. Fantastic job. Eagle Drive

Onions to person in one of the south units burning incense, candles, plus chanting at random hours. I can handle the melted wax smell but that chanting runs shivers down my spine. It doesn’t sound human! Complained to the manager and she said I’m the only one smelling and hearing such?

Onions to cold-hearted individual leaving “plastic” flowers on Mama’s grave. You know how Mama felt about plastic flowers. She deplored them! For you to leave faux roses was a slap to her face. Even more disrespectful was not removing the marked down price sticker $6.99. Are you that cheap?

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