Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the poet who sent me the most beautiful card I have ever seen. It touched my soul, it gave me hope and renewed my faith of those around me. For that, I thank you. “Ranger Terry”.

Orchids to the honest person who found and turned in my wallet at Staples. I know God will bless you greatly. Orchids to Johnny for being helpful and kind. Orchids to sweet Amber, you two make Staples great.

Orchids and thank you to Bob and Linda, from Idaho. I did errands and ate dinner at Jerseys. Afterwards I realized I had lost my wedding ring. I called the restaurant and retraced my steps, but found nothing. A week later, I got a message. Bob and Linda had found my ring and researched to find me on social media. I am forever grateful.

Onions to organizers of the Minnesota mixer. I was told by a lady at the pub that there was to be a Minnesota mixer. She didn’t know where. Why would she even say such and then not know? Is Minnesota being singled out here? I hear there were mixers for other states. Why not Minnesota? Tell me!

Onions to the neighbor whining about working on your dirt machine in their own driveway, get a life.

Onions to the masked marvel mask marshals. Why I don’t wear a mask is between me and my doctor and is none of your business. Read the HIPAA laws! If you feel secure behind a sweaty mask, that’s your business. Leave me alone.

Orchids to Mitch, Ronnie, Eric and Shai at Anderson Chrysler for assisting us with the purchase of our Pacifica van. John and Dawn

Onions to Mr. Brain Freeze. Really, dry ice and a lawyer? OMG you want to sue a burger joint because you drank a cold drink too fast? What you need is a psychiatrist, not a lawyer.

Orchids to the police officers who work tirelessly to keep us safe from all the out-of-control people.

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