Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to all the super-spreaders here in Lake Havasu who are helping to spread and share the virus. So thoughtless of you!

Onions to myself for referring to the folks who deposit their trash on our streets and in our deserts as pigs. To any real pig that I may have offended, my apologies.

Orchids to Joshua and his Eagle Scout project at the American Legion. That is the coolest flag retirement box I’ve seen. Kudos to you young man!

Orchids to Tim Shugrue because he cares deeply about the health of his staff and customers at his seven restaurants by creating a safe space and installing air purifiers. We’ll be having Thanksgiving dinner at Shugrue’s!

Onions to the local driving the large pickup truck with the hate filled, obscene words. You are an embarrassment to the decent people of this city and a horrible role model to our young people.

Orchids to Edgewater pools. I had to resurface my fiberglass pool. Michael gave me a reasonable price. They showed up and did the work in a professional matter and my pool looks beautiful. Highly recommend them.

Orchids to Kristy at Lowe’s for saving me from a scammer. As soon as she said phishing I knew I was about to do something stupid. Everyone be aware. Thanks again, Kristy!

Huge Orchids to the Friends of Hospice of Havasu Crafters for a fabulous craft sale and the thousands of hours you all put in to make it happen. You ladies (and your very helpful hubbies) rock! Thank you!

Onions to the dust from the Riviera project

Orchids to everyone who donated Toys and Food and cash donations at the Havasu Classics annual toy and food drive Saturday at Calvary Baptist Church. All proceeds went to the Havasu Community Health Foundation helping families in Lake Havasu.

Orchids to Margie at Casa Serrano. Welcome back. As always, you made us feel so welcome! You were missed.

Onions to the restaurant who forgot my sauce.

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