Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the new infrastructure bill. It is great to hear that we will be getting our Yuma $250 million desalination plant up and running again. And, maybe get more plants built in California! Let’s help save Lake Mead!

Orchids to Ernesto at Suddenlink. This man is a genius. He knew where to look for the problem(s) and fixed them. Fast, friendly and very professional. I was impressed. Ranger Terry.

Onions to the local store who needs to either to fix their car wash or shut it down.

Onions to the custodian for always being rude and snarky to my daughter and her friends. You need to lighten up a little, this is a tough age for these girls!

Onions to the person with the balloon on the north side who flies over at least four times a week, disturbing every dog in the neighborhood for no reason. Fly your balloon over the lake. Since when is it legal to fly it anywhere you want?

Orchids to Sonia L. Thank you so very much for donating over 100 DVD’s to the Wound Care Center’s Hyperbarics program! It is very much appreciated and we will put them to good use!

Onions to the band leader who has his new wife working the room asking people if they would like to tip the band! Tip jar is on the stage. We can see it and tip. Extremely no class putting people on the spot!

Orchids to Suzanne and staff at the London Bridge Resort Convention Center for once again making our annual Cancer Fashion Show so beautiful! She and her staff work so hard!

Onions to the sidewalk bike riders at Rotary Park and London Bridge. I can’t hear you coming from behind nor see you in front when I’m watching where I step. Move to the asphalt before someone gets hurt.

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I wouldn't hold my breath on the desalination plant ever being built in Yuma. Once the radical left gets their pet projects done they will say we need more money to continue on. That's how they roll.

Third Eye

Just like stealing money from the USMC to build the wall.


But the wall had a purpose, just what is the purpose in letting millions of invaders cross over, I know they will be demorat voters.


I was going to write something but going to take the grandkids and ride our bikes from rotary park skate park to the bridge instead.......


kaydee - You are aware that you did, "...write something...?"

Third Eye

My Rottweilers love that balloon. Leave them alone.


To the walker, don’t give us the BS you can’t see in front of you. Do you walk into things because you’re looking down?

It’s a multi-use path so pay attention.

But I do agree bicyclists should give a warning when approaching from behind.

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