Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the place giving me a Canadian dime as change. Sending my wife back in to exchange, they said it didn’t come from them. What am I supposed to do with the worthless coin? It should be illegal to bring foreign money into this country.

Orchids to freedom! The USA is still a free country. If the vax works, then those who choose to take the vax are protected and shouldn’t worry about what others choose to do. If some people choose not to take the vax, that is their free choice. Freedom rings!

Onions to onion regarding greedy property owners.Apparently you do not own any property.

Taxes and insurances, utilities, etc., keep going up. A property owner with rentals cannot absorb those rates continuously. That is not being greedy, it is a necessity.

Orchids to A&B Propane and their grand opening! What a party, and the prizes were great. Thanks, Sue.

Orchids to the red SUV. You made my day, much needed in that moment. Thank you for reminding me of the greatness.

Orchids to the McCulloch family, relocating the London Bridge, our beautiful community and all the fabulous sunsets.

Onions to the police for not having a drone unit for search and rescue. We all know having the high ground is best when searching and surveilling for lost souls in the desert or lake. Look at the man just found three miles off of a highway, a drone would have seen him.

Orchids to Lakeside Therapy. I just finished my physical therapy, and I had the two best therapists Gail and Shannon. They even talked me into cleaning some of the walls there while doing my therapy. They did a great job and I truly appreciate them.

Orchids to city planners saying no to a three-story storage building that would greet everyone driving into town. A three-story building does not say “welcome” to Havasu. Thank you city planners!

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"There ought to be a law" the gut reaction of petty tyrants everywhere.


You received a Canadian dime and you're all sideways about it? It is easily missed, even at banks. I think there are FAR more important things to worry about these days besides ten freakin' cents! Unreal!


To save nothing they waste time and gasoline.




Emotionally irrational, immature. It's common here.




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