Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the store that does not enforce the mask restriction rules.

Orchids to the person who found my car keys at the event and placed them in the driver side window of my pickup truck. You pushed the button to find the right truck. You saved us!

Onions to our city officials responsible for assuring our major traffic arteries are attractive to visitors and are not filthy, appearing like there on the way to the dump! Shame on you!

Orchids to my Humana Medicare Advantage Plan for not having any premium for the five years that I have had it.

Orchids to the fine folks putting the Christmas Parade of Lights back together, set for Dec. 5th. A perfect “non-spreader” event to fire up the holiday season. Something to look forward to.

Orchids to Jane at More MD on a busy Saturday. She was the epitome of great customer service. She was so kind as she juggled doctors and patients.

Orchids to Hardy Tree Service! Todd did a wonderful job trimming our out of control mesquite tree. The cost was more than reasonable, everything was cleaned up well and he even trimmed up our pine tree, I couldn’t have asked for a better job!

Onions to whoever dumped their burned up motorhome on state land off of Laverne Drive. Wondering first how you got it there without a steering wheel and, second, how do we get rid of it.

Onions to the people that move, visit, or pass through our town and hate that 75% of residents here are conservative. Especially those that go to bars and find that we discuss politics, and are proud of the accomplishments and promises he has fulfilled.

Orchids to my mail woman who always brings my many packages to my door on Daytona Avenue. with a smile. Really appreciate it!

Onions to people who spend 90% of their time looking at their phones. One day they will look up and be alone.

Onions to the two planes that sprayed something into the lake on Friday. We want better air quality, not worse.

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